Corporate & Compliance

Dream your business and leave us to discharge your compliance issues

The  Corporate & Compliance team was set up exclusively to facilitate the growth of companies through adherence to the set corporate governance standards, and ensure compliance of businesses to the laws that govern organisations and regulated industries.

Our experience in handling corporate issues ranging from registration to liquidation, to mergers and acquisitions as well as cases in court for numerous companies has endowed the team with a wealth of information that can steer companies away from avoidable risks and conflicts. The team’s human resource capabilities put us in a position to appreciate the tenor and requirements of the provisions of the Companies Code and the Regulations of companies, as well as the dictates of the laws of the various regulatory bodies.



Solicitor’s Work
  • Legal Auditing and Due Diligence
  • Transfer Agreements
  • Document Review
  • Resolutions
  • Liquidations and Winding Up
  • Amalgamations, Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Notices, Meetings and Minutes Taking
  • Applications for Licenses and investor incentives
  • Opinion Writing
  • Provide corporate address
  • Temporary directorship
Compliance & Registry Practice
  • Incorporation & Registration of Businesses
  • Registration with Investment Promotion Entities (Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC), Ghana Free Zones Board FZB)
  • Registration with Regulatory Bodies (Tax Authorities [GRA], Food & Drugs Authority)
  • Filings and Registration (Charges, Returns, Agreements, Notices and Resolutions) with Market and
  • Regulatory Bodies (Ghana Stock Exchange, Securities & Exchange Commission, Registrar General’s Department.)
  • Procurement of Certified True Copies of filings
  • Renewals and Change of particulars
  • Company Secretarial Listing
  • Filling and Updating of Statutory Registers
  • Document Banking (Keeping of Register or Minutes Book)
Court & Adjudication Practice
  • Corporate and Securities Litigation
    • Procedural Due Process
    • Substantive Due Process
  • Application for Extension of Time
  • Receivership and Protection
  • Applications
  • Judicial review applications against Regulators’ Actions
  • Corporate Governance
  • Anti-Corruption Norms in the Legal Environment


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