Mission Statement

As Managing Partner, I am proud to uphold the foundational principles on which Minkah-Premo and Co. was established in 1996. 27 years later, my role in the next iteration of our institution is to ensure that we continue to lead the way for law firms in Ghana and in Africa. The outlook of the practice of law is in understanding the dynamism of global and local interactions, and the impact of technology on the practice of law. With a vibrant young team pushing the boundaries of legal achievements, this is the future of Minkah-Premo, Osei-Bonsu and Bruce-Cathline & Partners (MPOBB). Welcome to the next chapter!

At MPOBB, we understand that it is impossible for every lawyer to specialise in every aspect of the practice of law. We have therefore cultivated individual specialisations across a diverse range of practice areas. This translates into an ability to meet the specific needs of our clients from a wide range of industries with specific legal knowledge in the relevant areas of expertise.

We value our clients and strive to maintain a balance between providing the highest quality of service and a price point that makes business sense and conforms to the guidelines set down by the Ghana Bar Association. This ensures that we maintain a lasting relationship with our clients, built on trust and the assurance of tailored solutions to their problems.

As we head into the next phase, we are excited to pioneer new products and solutions to the benefit of our clients as well as for the advancement of law in Ghana and beyond.

Isaac Emmil Osei-Bonsu

Managing Partner


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