Labour Relations & Employment

As a law firm, we naturally strive to satisfy our clientele’s needs through our exquisite structured human resource practice. Our lawyers work industriously side by side with our clients to negotiate collective bargaining agreements, structure Trust Deeds for Provident Funds and audit compliance with the HR regulatory framework throughout the year making sure employees and employers coexist harmoniously to mutually enjoy the full benefits of each and every agreement.

Our firm specializes in the review and drafting of industrial relations instruments, a challenge faced by countless organisations in recent times. Meeting our clients’ needs in dispute settlement proceedings put us on the map as a leading firm in the justice industry.


Solicitor’s Work
  • Negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Review and Drafting of Industrial Relations Instruments
  • Legal Auditing under the IRLSI Program
  • Immigrant quotas and Work Permits
Compliance and Registry Practice
  • Procurement of Certified True Copy of filings
  • Renewals and Change of particulars
Court and Adjudication Practice
  • Application for Extension of Time
  • Receivership and Protection Applications
  • Judicial review applications against Regulators’ actions
  • Legal Aspects of HR
  • Anti-Corruption norms in the Legal Environment
  • Legal Aspects of Customer Care and Public Service
  • Adjudication and disciplinary procedures

Team Members

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Head: Labour Relations and Employment

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