Mining, Energy & Power

The Firm’s work in the mining, energy and power sectors cuts across a widespan of entities in the sectors’ value chain and includes engagement with those operating as:

  • Mining companies
  • Support Service companies for mining related operations
  • Independent Power Producers
  • Renewable Energy companies
  • Bulk suppliers of power
  • Retail Supply companies
  • Transmission companies
  • Operation and Maintenance companies
  • Electricity Sales Services companies
  • Power brokerage companies
  • Equipment manufacturing companies
  • Biofuel, charcoal, briquette and firewood manufacturing (exporting) companies
  • Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs)
  • Bulk Distribution Companies
  • Transportation and logistics companies
  • Industry specific supply companies
  • Industrial service companies
  • Oilfield services companies

and companies which put themselves within different categorisations but generally operate within the Power or Oil and Gas sectors.

To these and other clients, the Firm has rendered services in the four core areas of Legal practice being Dispute Resolution, Compliance, Commercial, and Transactional and Advisory.   

Personnel and Expert build-up for specific services are drawn not only from our MEP Team Practice Areas but the other Practice Areas of our firm such as Corporate and Compliance, Litigation and ADR, Land and Real Estate, Human Resource Legal and IP/Commercial Teams. Depending upon the circumstances or service requested by Clients, work-specific teams are built up and dissolved at the end of the task-specific service. Such teams are built with Partners, Team Leaders, Associates and Paralegals.

Team Members


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