Litigation & ADR

Dogmatism in principles of law but pragmatism in its application to our clients benefit

This team’s work covers the gamut of laws. The firm’s academic research assignments from clients are handled by this team, in addition to the evaluation of legal options in Post-Project Audits and Contract Management assessment. Embedded in the team’s practice is ADR, where our skills in negotiation and mediation processes have been of tremendous assistance to our clients.

This is especially so in situations where it has proved cost effective and time-saving to settle issues in an amicable out-of court setting, rather than in the time-wasting process that characterizes our judicial system at present. The use of the court processes, however, in the realisation of a just outcome has been our hallmark in our phenomenal bridging of the gap between the law and justice.


Solicitor’s Work
  • Legal Auditing and Prognosis
  • Perusals 
  • Drawing Up
  • Out of Court Attendance
Compliance & Processing
  • Searches
  • Filings
  • Procurement of Rulings, Orders and Judgments
  • Service of Processes (Local and International)
  • Enforcement
Advocacy And Court Attendance
  • Motions
  • Pre-trial Conferencing
  • Trials , Defence and Prosecution of claims
  • ADR Resourcing
Areas of Litigation
  • Land Litigation
  • Corporate Law Litigation
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Industrial Relations Litigation
  • Maritime Litigation
  • Debt Recovery Litigation
  • Family and Succession Litigation
  • Construction Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • ADR Services
  • Criminal Defence
  • AUL Services
  • Paralegal Studies in Civil Litigation
  • Pre-Trial Procedures in Criminal Defence


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