IP & Commercial

The IP & Commercial team boasts of topnotch experts whose expertise in the industry is unmatched. The Intellectual Property and Commercial Unit deals with a broad spectrum of work with a reach and influence well beyond the shores of Ghana. We therefore provide services to both local and international businesses and individuals. Below is a repertoire of the services that we provide:


Solicitor’s Work
  • Takeover of trademark portfolios
  • Copyrighting
  • Franchising
  • Trademark agents
  • Searches and IP history sampling
  • Appraisal of all kinds of contracts
  • Drafting of all kinds of contracts
  • Registration of marks and names
  • Changes, renewals and restorations
  • International filings (oapi & aripo)
  • Food and drugs board registration and filings
Court & Adjudication Practice
  • IP litigation (investigations, opinions, strategy planning, interim and interlocutory injunctions)
  • Anti-counterfeiting measures, brand protection and enforcement,
  • Opposition and third party actions
  • Sources of Creation and Acquisition of Intellectual Property Rights
  • Effective promotion and protection of Intellectual Property rights in Ghana


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