Divorce under the Matrimonial Causes Act (Act 367) 1971

Divorce can be a very traumatising experience for most people who go through it, but when the marriage turns sour, divorce is inevitable. The Matrimonial Causes Act,1971 (Act 367) governs divorce in Ghana. Unfortunately, many people are under the illusion that it is only marriages celebrated under the ordinance (commonly referred to as “wedding”), that […]

Why register your Service Name and Trade Mark?

A trade or service mark is a distinctive sign of some kind which is used by an organization to uniquely identify itself, its products and/or services to consumers, and to distinguish the organization and its products or services from those of other organizations. A trade or service mark is a type of industrial property which […]

The Importance of a Will

Well-knit families have been left in disunity after a relative dies intestate. The unfortunate scramble for property results in long-lasting and bitter litigation in courts. There are also cases where a Will left is declared invalid and unfit to be admitted to probate. This arises where the deceased, for lack of knowledge fail to follow […]

Registration of Land under the Land Title Registration Act, 1986 (PNDCL 152)

Under Ghanaian Law, land in Ghana may be held by families, stools or sub-stools or the government, which may grant various types of interests in land. Registration of interests in land is a legal requirement and may be done under the Land Registry Act, 1962 (Act 122) or the Land Title Registration Act 1986 (PNDCL […]

Probate and Letters of Administration

A grant of probate or letters of administration is necessary for one called personal representative to commence the distribution of the estate of a deceased person. Pending the grant of probate, an executor may, in the interest of the estate, perform the functions of the office but may not dispose of any property forming part […]

Consent Judgement – The Jurisdiction for setting same aside

This write up seeks to discuss the concept of consent judgment, the legal basis as well as the jurisdiction for setting consent judgment aside. It has also discussed the concept by a tinge of comparative  practice in some other commonwealth jurisdiction particularly Nigeria. It concludes with how the courts in Ghana have applied the concept […]

Conditions For Divorce Under The Ordinance In Ghana

Divorce, according to Black’s Law Dictionary, is the legal dissolution of a marriage by a court. Concretely, this means that the two individuals involved in the marriage no longer form a matrimonial unit.  Legally, they do not represent one household, be it for tax purposes or any another matter.  A marriage under the ordinance is one […]

What to know when engaging a Lawyer

Q. What are the things to note when engaging a Lawyer? A. Generally, before engaging the services of a Lawyer, a client must know whether the Lawyer has a valid Practicing License Number for the current year and whether the Lawyer practices with a Registered Chamber (Chambers Registration License is renewed annually). Q. What should I […]


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